We have experienced how companies that wish to enter the Indonesian market may get into trouble by unfit local partners and inexperienced business development officials. We know from experience how to investigate market opportunities, involve solid local partners -fit for purpose-, how to support market research teams and set-up a company.


From our exceptional experienced personal backgrounds, we provide Training, Coaching and Project Management/Consultancy to support successful change –which is rare– in many areas of expertise. The key words are Attitude Makes The Difference and  Be-Know-Do-All.


Our business activity travel-ID , supports the total of our activities, while providing you with travelling experiences: following the training and learning the culture of country and business.


All activities support our homeless children support program.


To contact us:

Phone-NL: +31 (15) 3010009

Mobile: +62 85883-601106

Phone-ID: +62 (251)8617966

Email: market@win-id.net

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