Change! Excellence is a habit, because we are what we repeatedly do (Aristotle)

Our consultancy services are targeted at making successful change happen–which is actually rare– in many areas of expertise.

The key words are Attitude Makes The Difference and  Be-Know-Do-All.

We are no Mr of Mis Know-It-All, because we work with

respect and caution, certainly not like big mouthed cowboys.

Although like them we get things done with dedication.


In our leadership approach, we make use of insights from

military management in the Netherlands, which has from scientific research been proven as decisive for obtaining breakthroughs: “What military career officers do better than management managers (from NL)”:

Be-Know-Do, Distinguish dialogue from decision;

Organize feedback; Quick Teams Formations; Observe Rituals


The change skills we apply for our Training, Coaching and Project Management/Consultancy services come from our unique backgrounds and experience in leadership.




Respati is a multitalented, very driven professional with great

analyzing and communication skills.

Being a quick learner, having broad interest and good organizing skill

she’s been entrusted to be involved in various industries & projects in Indonesia and the Netherlands since 1999, which allow her to get excellent understanding of many kinds of management & organisations.



Arnold is a professional with proven managerial skills.

He has performed many successful jobs and projects in difficult

environments; his principal value is his ability to lead highly

professional teams exploring the interaction of business and ICT in a

competitive and politically sensitive environment. His experience has made him also skilled in coaching, training and matters of mediation and auditing.

His capabilities as an inspiring people manager, combined with his professionalism, enable him to achieve results at various levels within many types of organisations.



Rheyna is a stabile, competent and driven professional and has

great human interaction skills. She has done many distinguished

jobs in HR, in all aspects of HR-management, also in TQM and

team leader of HR-ISO certification.

She has created company-wide HR management systems and comprehensive HR policies & procedure manuals. As Consultant-Trainer she has conducted various training programs in the field of HR Management, Personal Development and Basic Management. She gets the job done with heart and concern for the client.


We provide many different training programs in leadership, people management, HR and OD, Procurement, Project Management in several branches (ICT, Oil, Non-Profit, general), Business Communication, Marketing, Sales and (International) Business Development.

These are 1 day short prorams up to 1 or 2 weeks on advanced leveladvanced, in any place you like, or In House Training.

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