The Indonesian market has been

growing steadily ever since the

monetary crisis in 1998; even the

economic crisis 10 years later did not

Substantially affect business. As a result

the value of business has been

consolidated and is exceeding stock values.

Local currency has been throughout stable since 1998 and the political situation is overall stable too, considering it is a 5.000 km wide nation!


The government program to reduce corruption and collusion, is quite successful: it is safe to do business in Indonesia, there is however, no guarantee that any venture will succeed! Companies that wish to enter the Indonesian market may get into trouble by dealing with unfit local partners and because they deploy inexperienced business development officials. We know from experience how to investigate market opportunities effectively, involve solid local partners -fit for purpose- and how to conduct market research. Of course specifically for Indonesian business!


We offer you a modular package of venture support: from setting up a local agency upto and including establishing a full swing regional office including logistics and financial services.

Market-ID brings your business to the Indonesian market !


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Going further and deeper, we provide you with the know-how, relations, facilities and effective approach to establish your business

if it is only taking care of your interest as an agent, or setting up a complete venture, including selecting and hiring staff